The 3rd day of TIAS Business School Study trip to Lisbon

Abril, 2024

Another remarkable day began with visits to Cercica and Bynd – Senior Residences and Manicomio. These two projects are incredibly interesting. Cercica is an institute empowering less abled youngsters via education, rehabilitation, and training, whereas the BYND/Manicomio project focuses on people with mental health issues, providing them with an adequate living solution including individual apartments and group facilities, such as a swimming pool, (technical) assistance and the support of psychologists.

During our visit to Bynd - Senior Residences and Manicomio, students had the opportunity to witness a unique approach to mental health care, where the individual is not considered as a mentally ill patient, but rather as an individual in need of special support. The team involved in this project provided us with an interesting tour of their facilities, emphasizing the importance of personal expression among residents and the promotion of outdoor and group activities, such as yoga, painting etc.

At Cercica, we gained insight into the organization and its operations in the field. Cercica was established to address the educational needs of children and young people with intellectual disabilities and incapacities. Over time, it has evolved to meet their changing needs, accompanying them throughout their growth and life cycles.

In both institutions the passion, dedication and involvement of the staff was very inspiring. We really appreciated the hospitality from everyone involved ! Thank you for your time, energy and enthusiasm.