The importance of belonging to a network

Abril, 2020


We live in times of uncertainty. The current pandemic scenario immediately raises an enormous economic challenge. Faced with this scenario, uncertainty reigns among entrepreneurs and the questions are more than the answers. Therefore, the Chamber started to organize online focus group meetings where members from a certain sector or region, together with lawyers and accountants, can share best practices and other relevant information during these difficult times. It is especially in these challenging times that belonging to a supporting network is important. 

To give you an idea, we started last week holding meetings with people from the Hotel and Tourism Industry and Agriculture. This week IT, Construction related industries and Education will have group discussions. From the feedback we received, people appreciate the initiative as it enables them to share their concerns, challenges, experiences and ideas. And in some cases, even possible business opportunities and new out of the box ideas pop up.

For members  that are interested to join, please send us an email