Today we organized an inspiring Hackathon!

Abril, 2024

Today an engaging interactive session took place between Executive students of our member, TIAS Business School, enrolled in the postgraduate Master Management in Health program. All of the students have 10 to 15 years of management experience within the healthcare sector.

During this session, the startups were invited to pitch their organizations and present genuine challenges currently faced. This platform provided an invaluable opportunity for our executive international students to offer insightful feedback, drawing from their diverse perspectives and backgrounds.

Witnessing the exchange of ideas between Portuguese companies and Dutch Executive students is truly rewarding. These dialogues often lead to fresh insights and novel approaches, benefiting both parties. For students, it's a chance to share their expertise, explore new realities, and draw inspiration from the entrepreneurial spirit displayed by start-ups and companies.

Thank you for participating in our "Start-up Hackathon” challenge: Nowace, Criam Knowledge, Actif Age and Plux.