Transforming flying into fashion by KLM!

Fevereiro, 2020

"KLM is preparing to celebrate its 100th anniversary, which means it's the oldest airline in the world, still operating under its original name." said Valerie Musson. 

At the beggining of the world war II, the uniforms were all black, for male and female. Over time, at 90's KLM made some updates to the uniforms, giving flexibility of choice. The first was the updated Nina Ricci design, which was later replaced by the current Mark Visser uniform. There was a mix of fashion influences on the way to the new century.

Cabin attendant can choose two types of skirts, the jacket had a round collar and no lapels, the broad padded sholders, ensured a sharp, angular sihouette and this was also the first uniform that did not include a hat.

KLM brainstormed and an idea took shape. Together, KLM would turn the subject of flying into high-end fashion.

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