Visit to Aquatech 2019

Novembro, 2019

The Netherlands and water; they are inextricably linked. Almost a third of the Netherlands is below sea level and if the Netherlands does not protect itself against water, half of the country would be vanished. The major hydraulic engineering projects of the last centuries, with the Delta Works as the highlight, are examples of victories over the sea, but of course the Netherlands has much more to show the world when it comes to watermanagement. That is why, every other year, the RAI in Amsterdam hosts one of the world’s biggest water fairs, Aquatech, where professionals from all over the world gather information about that thing that makes the Netherlands unique: water!

For over 20 years the Dutch Portuguese Chamber of Commerce, has been organising missions to the Netherlands to visit the state of art in water technology, together with visiting the Aquatech. This year the association of municipalities of Carvoeira e Vouga reached out to the Chamber to organise once again a mission to visit the fair. The 9 municipalities in the Aveiro region were particularly interested to know more about coast protection. In total 25 mayors, councilmen, engineers and businessmen from all over Portugal took part in the delegation. Have a look at the foto's here.

On 7 November we visited two state-of-the-art water management institutes, Deltares and drinkwaterplant Dunea. At Deltares, an independent institute for applied research in the field of water and subsurface, we were received by Sofia and Miguel, two Portuguese engineers who were currently working on coast protection and desalination processes. Sofia explained how the flumes and basins were important tools for many experiences and calculations. Miguel gave a nice insight about salt infiltration in soil and drinking water.

At Dunea we were received by Cees van de Noort, who held an interesting presentation and took us for a walk through the in- and outdoor water installations. Dunea is drinkwater plant, providing water for 1,3 million households in a unique way, by filtering the water through the dunes, without the use of any chemicals. This delicious tasting water comes from the Meuse river and is filtered for over 60 days in the dunes of South-Holland to make it free of bacteria and other impurities, before it goes through the internal installation and to the houses. Cees showed us how the water is filtered in a natural way and how this works. 

On the 8th of November we visited the Aquatech fair where we were received by Marieke Leenhouts, director of Aquatech. Marieke explained the fair and the most interesting booths for every municipality, which all have their own water management issues.

We would like to thank all the above mentioned hosts, as well as the Association of Municipalities of Carvoeira e Vouga for trusting us to organise this mission again, and all the other participants for their interesting questions and input.

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