Chop Suey

Chop Suey

Chop Suey was started 9 years ago by Jacqueline Starmans, co-founder of Citydwellers. Sustainability, social interaction and collaboration are the core points of our entrepreneurship.


Our Philosophy

Chop Suey products and projects are designed for those with awareness of the well being of people and the environment. The return to a simpler way of life and the re-use of materials and ecologically friendly innovations is a world-wide current trend Chop Suey follows the movements of consumers, entrepreneurs and creative professionals who want to make a difference in 21st Century Lifestyle. Chop Suey projects bridge the gap between designers and craftsmen, between interns and professionals. Elements of communication play an important role, finding a balance between individualism and communal sense. Cross overs, cultural aspects and knowledge of the origin of sources provide the story behind our products and projects. Since July 2019, Chop Suey started the Citydwellers 2.0 project, in Sao Miguel, Coimbra area. A nomad workers guesthouse with work studio.

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