Fabian Jubbega | Owner Comned

COMNED was founded with the purpose of providing SME's the adequate advice in response to an increasing demand of European sourcing. Based in the North of Portugal (Guimarães) and with Dutch roots, we work with local and international partners to provide comprehensive information and services, not solely but mainly between the countries of the Netherlands and Portugal.

Comned identifies market and trade opportunities in the specific territory of the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain and utilize export potential. Due to Fabian's geographical location he mainly supports Dutch and Portuguese SME's. Fabian and his team are experienced in the field of Footwear and PPE (Protective Workwear). Products vary from Hygiene & Safety clothing and footwear, Forest (anti-cut and chainsaw protection), Military and Security, High Visibility Clothing, Offshore & Industrial, Individual Protection Equipment and Private Label. The cooperative companies operate more then 25 years in the high-quality (PPE) segment. Gathering the technological know-how over the years and with an international scope they now export to most European markets, Russia, and parts of the Middle East and Africa.

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