Michiel Schwartz | Carvalho Negro Investments

Michiel has over 30 years of experience in banking and private equity. Since 2006, he has been active in private equity in the financial sector and in real estate, mainly in emerging markets in Europe, Asia and Africa.

Prior to setting up Black-Oak Capital, Michiel worked over 20 years in senior positions with ABN AMRO across the world. Michiel was Asia Pacific Head of Credit Markets, in charge of 150 professionals originating, structuring, trading and distributing credit products in the region. Before that, Michiel was Global Head of Leveraged Finance, Country Head for Russia, and held senior roles in Japan, the US, the Middle East and Brazil.

Activities in Portugal
Carvalho Negro Investimentos LDA is an investor in the real estate sector in Portugal. Active in the Portuguese market since 2014, our focus is initially on re-developing often derelict properties in the old city centres.
The first major project concerns a former bakery: a bread factory with associated shop and housing for the bakers. This is beautifully located in the heart of the Alfama, Lisbon. Six of the eight apartments are targeting foreign buyers with the possibility to rent out to tourists to provide investment returns and/or be used as a holiday home. The two remaining apartments will be for former tenants of the building, our way of contributing to the local housing sector and helping ensure the Alfama maintains its traditional character.