Séculis - Languages & Communication

The Idea to start Séculis came when Andreas Müller was still a freelance translator in 1992. The beginning of Séculis coincided with the constitution of Autoeuropa in Palmela.

Afterwards, they were contacted by several foreign companies that were planning on investing or were already investing in Portugal.

The solid economic growth during the 90’s in Portugal brought many new clients, mainly from the area of environment and energy production, strong areas in which they still work today. Another project, which brought a lot of prestige to Séculis, was the assistance they gave in the process of democratization of East Timor. This work was done in partnership with the United Nations.

Challenging aspects of a language services company

In the area of translation, one of the main challenges nowadays is facing the increasingly developed mechanization or automation. Another challenging aspect is reinventing the company through measures that will go hand in hand with evolution.

Séculis soon created and developed a terminology database to ease the work of the translators. The result is a tool called NILO which will soon be launched in the market.

In its process of diversification, Séculis accepted challenges from foreign clients to organise all kinds of events, meetings whether they are big or small and also tours to meet regions in Portugal or thematic walking tours related to winemaking and several other typical products.

In their words, what were Séculis’ expectations when joining the Dutch Portuguese Chamber of Commerce?

Séculis joined the Dutch Portuguese Chamber of Commerce to meet the Dutch market. In our opinion, Holland has opportunities possibly in the area of translation and certainly in the area of education. We can always learn and have a better knowledge regarding another country of the European Union. I would like to challenge the other associates in the Dutch Portuguese Chamber of Commerce to get to know Séculis and the quality of the services that I already mentioned.

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