Export Passport

Save time and money by properly preparing your company to export!

With the 'Export-Passport' in 6 steps for companies seeking to export to The Netherlands or Portugal,the Dutch Portuguese Chamber of Commerce can help you expanding relying on our

knowledge of the marketwide contact network connections with counterparts, sectorial and official organizations availability of Dutch and Portuguese native speaking personnel in our office long track record in the field of assisting companies abroad

With our “step-by-step approach” you can choose the modules that fit your company.

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Partner Search

We offer tailor-made programs in which you have the possibility to visit potential business partners on location. We will build a list of potential partners according to your business needs. If requested, we can arrange within 2 to 3 days meetings with the interested potential business partners. These can be personally accompanied by one of our bilingual staff members with legal or economic backgrounds. To understand the process, see our track record.

Setting up a company

Together with our team of experts we can help you by taking care of the formalities with the Notary, Conservatory, Tax Authorities, among other relevant issues.

By becoming a member, you will not only have our help, but also access to certified documents with detailed information about setting up a business in Portugal and the Netherlands.

If you wish to entrust us with the establishment of your company please contact us for information on conditions and pricing: office@ccph.pt

Study Visits

We can assist you in organizing an incentive trip for your company or school by using our extensive network and knowledge of the markets. The programs are tailor-made and adapted to the needs of your company or university/school.

If required, these can be personally accompanied by our bilingual staff members. This approach has proven to be successful for various companies and institutions, such as for example the TIAS Business School from the Netherlands.

Market Information

The Dutch Portuguese Chamber of Commerce can provide you with market information, whereby we gather this information based on your specific market related questions.

For these types of services an hourly rate applies. We kindly request you to send us an email in which you specify in detail the market information you wish to receive. Based on your specific question we can gather market information for you whereby we will make an estimate of the hours needed to deliver the service. Members are entitled to one free hour of service on becoming a member. For information on conditions and pricing please contact: office@ccph.pt

Translations & Certification of documents

The Chamber can provide translation services and certification of documents, whether it concerns business documents or legal documents.

For each document a specific budget will be proposed, as the budget depends on the content (economic information, legal information or other) and the length of the document to be translated. For pressing translations a last minute charge may apply. We kindly ask you to send us the document to be translated so we can give you an adequate budget.

Any question?