Spontaneous feedback from a client

Friesland Campina

"Dear Jearina,

I just wanted to let you know that I am very happy that you connected me with your member Ton. He was quickly able to unblock a fiscal negotiation that was dead ended for weeks. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and Ton for your support. It has been a very fast, professional and helpful advice from both of you". MARIO SALVADOR SUTTON

(we discovered later he is World Champion Triathlon :)

Fernando Miguel Fernandes


“Our company SAPEC makes use of the expertise of the Chamber to find investment leads for a big Port infrastructure project near Lisbon, called Blue Atlantic. The collaboration has been very pleasant. With a cooperative and proactive spirit contacts have been promoted with the right feeling for leads that could be potentially interested in the project. For one of our projects a very good solution has been identified. It goes without saying that SAPEC will keep seeking the advice of the Chamber to promote the projects we have in hands.

Michel de Bruin | Managing Partner


"The Chamber supported a leading Dutch corporate company in the manufacturing industry to verify the possibility of setting up a factory in Portugal. Possible locations, subsidies and employment opportunities were analysed and local visits took place.

We received the following reference:

"We have been working successfully together for many years and among other Marjon and her team provided an excellent local support for a complex and large-scale investment project"

Sjoerd Kusters |Founder & owner


Totalprotex sells workwear and PPE all over Europe. After deciding that we wanted to start local sales support in Portugal for the Portuguese market we contacted CCPH. The Chamber helped us to get our proposition published, managed contacts and handled local questions. CCPH provides services and handle tasks like getting financial reports, provide background information and smoothen the acquisition/relationship process.
We’re looking forward to continue to work with CCPH!

Pedro Mendes de Almeida, export manager

Miguel & Miguel

Being a Black Iberian Pork producer, with a high focus on exports, Miguel & Miguel approached the chamber due to their reputation and expertise, for the search of potential customers on the Dutch Market. The team, led by Mr. Wetzels, aligned very well with our business goals and provided our company with a Market Analysis of the Industry trends as well as important testimonials from Key Players. This has helped us to put in place a stronger and more focused strategy on our approach for this specific market. Their effort and commitment is evident from the great work they do! 

Pedro Araujo |Owner


"We would like to thank the Chamber of Commerce for liaising on our behalf with the Modefabriek fair in Amsterdam.
Thanks to your intervention the Modefabriek did everything within their power to help us further expanding our fashion brand in the Netherlands. We foresee our participation in the next edition of this special fair. This will help us in identifying new companies to contact and on how to market our brand".

Ivã Costa - Managing Director & Owner

Costa & Costa

“We liked the efficiency of the Chamber in developing a Light Market scan which provided us in a short span of time insight in the distribution channels and our sales opportunities in the Dutch market. We also were provided with some potential businesspartners”.

João Neiva | Owner


"We are currently in the process of establishing contacts in the Dutch market. Doing so we made a business trip to Netherlands with Mr. Armando da Cruz, to present our product "Youbeep" to retailers from Plus and Coop. They liked the concept and we feel that we can have an opportunity to trial and sell our product during the next months.
I would like to express my gratitude to the Chamber and to give a special thank you to Mr. Armando da Cruz, board member of the Dutch-Portuguese Chamber, for supporting us on this journey and for helping us through his network in Netherlands. We believe this support can help us open doors and move faster. It will create strong relationships that could become profitable for all in the future and can help future Chamber members to follow the same path."

Mário Henriques - Managing Director and owner

MHS Design

“ I strongly recommend to all those intending to bet on the Dutch market to go through the filter of this great team. 
Apart from the actual business case, their whole dynamics of bringing together different members is very enriching."


Dinis Ataíde | Managing Director


"The partnership with CCPH has allowed us a much more focused, “culturally friendly” and cost efficient entry into a new market. The ability to blend business effectiveness together with the friendliness and availability of CCPH staff has been a fantastic experience."