Since 1985, the Dutch Portuguese Chamber of Commerce is a private non-profit member organisationwhich mission is to connect Portuguese and Dutch entrepreneurs in a valuable and sustainable way. 


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Our Team

Marjon van Dinther
"Navigating your business into new markets"

Since 1998, she exerts the function of Director of the Chamber and has been responsible for the successful development and strategy changes turning a subsidized association into a sustainable private organization. She navigates different Portuguese and Dutch companies into new markets and has a broad business network to rely on. 

Robin Wetzels
Project Manager
"Get connected!"

Robin is Project Manager at the Dutch Portuguese Chamber of Commerce and joined the team in September 2015. He manages different projects and is responsible for the PR, communications and networking activities.

Ana Borba
Liaison officer
"Guiding you abroad"

Ana Borba has worked together with the Chamber of Commerce in several projects abroad. Ana is result driven and has a large professional experience, involving a multitude of professionals and sectors.

Frans Spijker
Liaison officer Algarve
"Use our platform to get connected"

Frans is a Dutch engineer from origine, who has had a longstanding successful career with Shell. After 13 positions in 9 countries, he felt it was time to settle down in Portugal. Since 2013, he is the liaison officer in the Algarve for the Chamber.

Ingrid Huijsmans
Liaison officer
"Down to earth support"

With a background in Business Economics and International Management, Ingrid fulfilled several management functions for large ICT corporations. Considered by her co-workers as "solid, supportive and honest; all you want in a manager", she now applies these qualities in supporting the Chamber in areas such as strategy and communication.

Claudine Kusse
Liaison officer

Claudine has a background in Healthcare, Education and Training and worked in different roles in the Netherlands and U.K.

In the Netherlands Claudine worked as a District Nurse, Practical trainer and planner/ coordinator in a private team. In the U.K. she worked as a training coordinator at a Unilever factory, staff nurse and helped set up and run a Dutch Primary School (NTC location).


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